October 23-24 2019

Boston, MA

Pre-Launch Registration Open!

October 23-24 2019 | Boston, MA

Why Get Involved at TPD 2019?

Optimize Target Validation & Accelerate the Translation of Selective, Bioavailable & Effective Protein Degraders into Human Clinical Trials

As the drug discovery opportunity promised within the proteome becomes a reality and previously “undruggable” targets are reached, the 2nd TPD Summit 2019 returns to not only drive forward the translation of first generation PROTACS and molecular glues into the clinic, but stimulate the discussion of next generation protein degraders that harness different modalities, approaches and degradation pathways beyond the ubiquitin proteasome system.

TPD 2019 is a specifically dedicated scientific and networking forum for large pharma, innovative biotech and research institutes to capitalize on this emerging therapeutic class. Focused on overcoming the unique translational and drug development hurdles facing, join your peers who are striving to make targeted protein degradation a blockbuster therapeutic approach.